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Welcome to politics.mn – an inside view on Minnesota politics. This is my first endeavor with blogging since I started Minnesota Democrats Exposed in 2004 – 8 years ago.  I always enjoyed blogging, but I have debated about the best platform for re-entering Minnesota’s blogosphere and honestly, Minnesota politics publicly.

Politics.mn wil be nothing like my former blog.  Make no mistake about it – I’m still a proud partisan Republican. But politics.mn will be much different.  Some of the most enjoyable professional experiences I have had in the last few years have been opportunities to work alongside Democrats and people with differing political ideologies.  If you’re looking for an updated version of my former blog, you won’t find it on politics.mn. If I put my head out the window, I could probably hear the laughing from some of the Democrats I previously wrote about.  Politics.mn will truly be something different, and I encourage you to visit on a regular basis and decide for yourself.

During the last few months, many people approached me about returning to blog at Minnesota Democrats Exposed. While I have no regrets about the posts I wrote on Minnesota Democrats Exposed, I have no interest in blogging again at that site, nor will anyone else be taking over the site. Numerous people have inquired about starting up the blog, but I have refused any and all attempts to re-start Minnesota Democrats Exposed.

This post is the most substantive comments I have communicated publicly since December 16, 2011.  As many know, I’m currently engaged in a legal dispute over my employment with the Minnesota Senate. I will not be able to comment on any aspects of my legal case on politics.mn. Please do not confuse my inability to comment as any lack of understanding on my part about the issues involving my case. At a time appropriate in the future, I will likely have an an opportunity to speak.  Until such a time, I will continue to make little, if any, public statements.    

Politics.mn will provide analysis, breaking news and commentary about Minnesota politics from the perspective of a political insider.  There is always a story behind the story – that story will be focus of politics.mn.  To stay current on all the material on politics.mn, please make sure to follow politics.mn on Twitter @politicsdotmn and on Facebook.  If you have a suggestion on a story, or news tip, send me an e-mail at info [dot] politics [dot] mn.  I hope you enjoy the content on politics.mn, and please check back for more posts.

Over the coming days and weeks, I’ll be adjusting and tweaking the layout and mechanics of politics.mn, so if you notice a problem with the site, please let me know.  It’s been a long time since I blogged, but I’m looking forward to the experience. Again, welcome to politics.mn.

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