Why I Spoke Now…

I conducted a series of interviews yesterday about my lawsuit regarding my employment with the Minnesota Senate. On September 6, 2012, a federal magistrate issued an order which prohibited the parties involved from “public discussing this case”. The order issued on September 6, 2012 specifically stated:

“IT IS FURTHER ORDERED THAT all parties and attorneys are ordered to refrain from publicly discussing this case pending the outcome of the settlement negotiations. No public comment, either direct or indirect, shall be permitted concerning the negotiations or the case in general until further order of this Court.”

After the gag order was issued, Senator Dave Senjem, Senator Paul Gazelka and Senator John Howe all spoke about the case publicly, while another Senator commented anonymously to a media outlet and staff for the Minnesota Senate Republican Caucus tweeted about the case.

On Friday, my attorneys requested the gag order be lifted because of the repeated violations by Senators and staff at the Minnesota Senate Republican Caucus. The gag order was lifted on Friday afternoon and therefore, for the first time in 10 months, I commented to the media extensivley about my employment with the Minnesota Senate. Click here to view my interviews with FOX 9, the Associated Press, Minnesota Public Radio and the Star Tribune. I’m taking a couple days off from blogging at politics.mn, so please check back on Wednesday for new posts.

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  1. Larry Grewach says:

    There are two kinds of Republicans that routinely win the favor of the news media here in Minnesota: 1) Republicans who lose to the DFL and 2) Republicans who speak ill of other Republicans.

    I can see why you got so many interviews. In you, the media had a two-fer, a Republican who lost (see, e.g., your handling, as a state party official, of the race for governor in 2010) and a Republican who speaks ill of other Republican.

    Congrats on your new role as the news media’s favorite Republican!

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