Political Breakfast – October 27, 2012

Every morning on politics.mn – even on the weekends – I’ll be posting links to the key political stories and news summaries of the last 24 hours. Have a great Saturday. 10 days to Election Day!

#1. Via the Star Tribune, Alida Messinger has contributed $100,000 to defeat the photo ID amendment in Minnesota, click here to read.

#2. Via CNN, why Minnesota leads the nation in voting, click here to read. 

#3.  Via the Star Tribune, Representative Bills refused to say whether he believes the allegations raised in his TV ad against Senator Klobuchar, click here to read.
#4. MinnPost highlights the Minnesota State Senate race between Representative Keith Downey and Melisa Franzen, click here to read. 
#5. According to the Associated Press, SCSU has released a survey showing President Obama with an eight point lead over Mitt Romney in Minnesota, click here to read. 
#6. MinnPost discussing the controversy involving Senator David Hann and his lack of disclosure of his current employment, click here to read. 

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