Political Breakfast – November 4, 2012

Every day on politics.mn – even on the weekends – I’ll be posting links to the key political stories and news summaries of the last 24 hours. Have a great Sunday. 2 days to Election Day!

#1. Via PPP, President Obama is leading Mitt Romney by 8 points in Minnesota and opposition to both constitutional amendments is growing, click here to read. 

#2. Via Politics In Minnesota, analysis on the battle for the Minnesota Legislature, click here to read.

#3. Via the Associated Press, Congressman Paul Ryan and former President Bill Clinton will campaign in Minnesota, click here to read. 

#4. Via the Pioneer Press, analysis on how the constitutional amendments will impact voter turn out and other races in Minnesota, click here to read. 

#5. Tom Horner responded to my post about changes needed to the Republican Party of Minnesota.  Please read his response.  Tom makes some great points and I appreciate him taking the time to respond. 

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