Why Ryan’s Vanity Stop in Minnesota May Hurt, Not Help Republicans on Election Day

Republican activists in Minnesota are some of the hardest working Republicans in the country and it’s great to see Mitt Romney’s VP pick, Congressman Paul Ryan, fire-up a crowd of thousands at a campaign stop today in Minnesota. But all public indications based on polling is that President Obama will win Minnesota’s 10 Electoral Votes on Tuesday. A new poll released in the last hour shows President Obama with an 11-point lead over Mitt Romney in Minnesota.  

Minnesota presented a real opportunity for the Romney campaign and resources should have been spent here weeks ago.  But Romney’s campaign has not put the substantive resources needed into Minnesota to make the race more competitive and Ryan’s vanity stop today won’t put Minnesota in the win column for Romney.   Estimates put today’s attendance at Ryan’s rally at close to 10,000 people – a wonderful turnout for Congressman Ryan.  But there isn’t a strong Romney organizational structure in place in Minnesota to put the thousands of volunteers that attended Ryan’s rally to work in the final hours of the campaign. In fact, many volunteers left phone banks and stopped dropping lit for local candidates to stand in an airport hangar to cheer for a candidate who’s likely not going to win Minnesota.  

Tuesday’s election will be close and the best thing to ensure Republican victories happen across Minnesota is making sure the phone banks are filled, all of the literature is dropped and volunteers are on the streets making contacts with voters and not standing in an airport hangar.  To my Republican friends, keep up the hard word, stay focused on helping your local candidates, work the phones and please, stay out of airport hangars.  




  1. I am in (belated) agreement with your posting about Ryan’s visit.

    To attend this rally would have been counter-productive. We needed people out on the streets and at the phone banks – not at an airport hangar.

    I skipped the rally and spent the afternoon lit dropping for Sue Jeffers in Roseville. Doing that was a better use of my time.

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