MDE is retired, it’s not coming back, so move on…

PoliticsMN_WEBSITELogoSince I restarted my blog last month, I have received a steady stream of complaints from Republicans in Minnesota about the content on  The Republicans who have contacted me all have the same request: we want you to blog like you did at Minnesota Democrats Exposed (MDE) and stop talking about Republicans. My answer is the same: MDE has been retired and it’s not coming back. There is nothing to stop the Republican Party of Minnesota or any other Republican in Minnesota from starting a new blog or website like MDE, but it’s not coming from me.

Yesterday’s post about Rhonda Sivarajah, who is running for Congress in the 6th Congressional District, being listed to speak at an “Impeach Obama” event at the Minnesota State Capitol this Sunday, triggered numerous heated phone calls, text messages and e-mails from supporters of Rhonda’s campaign.  I was invited to attend the event via Facebook, so I examined the details about the event. I was surprised to see the items being promoted by the organizers of the event, which included “Impeach Obama.” I was shocked to then see that Hennepin County Commissioner Jeff Johnson, State Senator Dave Thompson and Anoka County Commissioner and 6th Congressional District candidate, Rhonda Sivarajah listed as speaking at this event.

Rather than immediately writing a “gotcha” post, I contacted each of the Republican campaigns and received very prompt and professional responses from representatives of both Johnson and Thompson. Each campaign provided me with a statement which clarified that both Johnson and Thompson would not be attending the rally on Sunday. It was effortless to get the campaigns to respond and I want to thank them both publicly for their professionalism.

Attending an “Impeach Obama” event would have created problems for any campaign and the staff for both Johnson and Thompson reacted quickly.  It also seems there was some confusion about the specifics of Sunday’s rally and what the campaigns were told in advance. I never heard back from Sivarajah’s campaign and questions about her participation at Sunday’s rally remain.

I have no partisan agenda on I’m calling balls and strikes on both Republicans and Democrats and I’m always looking for interesting material to post. My goal for is to post new stories a few times a week and to cover big political events with an insider perspective. I will also be re-starting my Hook, Line and Sinker Fact-Check.  I welcome suggestions on ideas for posts, but I’m not playing “gotcha” politics anymore. I’ll always provide someone with an opportunity to comment before anything is posted.

MDE had over 5.6 million page views during the time it was being published. I think has the potential to beat the historical statistics of MDE and I look forward to you joining me for the adventure. Thanks for visiting and check back for additional stories on Minnesota politics.




  1. Looking forward to future posts. Good Luck.

  2. It’s nice to see you focusing your talents in a new way. You have an insiders perspective that is always interesting to read. Your writing has evolved with you…keep it up!

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