Three Political Developments That May Give Republicans A Boost In 2014

PoliticsMN_WEBSITELogo#1. Obama’s poll numbers dropping: President Obama’s approval rating is currently the lowest of his presidency, with 59 percent disapproving of the job he’s doing. Click here to read the complete polling information.

#2. MNSure: The same poll mentioned above shows only 19 percent of Americans think the healthcare they and their families receive will improve because of Obamacare.  Yesterday, Governor Mark Dayton said all Americans should be able to keep their health insurance plans. This morning, the Minnesota Jobs Coalition released a picture of Gov. Dayton which connects him to Obamacare. It was a smart move by Gov. Dayton to offer his comments, but I’d expect Republicans to ramp up the pressure for the system to be fixed.

#3. Property taxes may not drop in 2014: In July, the Minnesota Department of Revenue predicted homeowners would see the first drop in property taxes in a decide. Yesterday, the Minnesota Department of Revenue said Minnesotans may not see a drop in property taxes in 2014. Democrats in Minnesota have been trumpeting the potential reduction in property taxes for months. If there isn’t a sizable reduction, I’d expect Republicans to push back aggressively.

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