Poll: Should David FitzSimmons Run in the Republican Primary in HD 30B?

PoliticsMN_WEBSITELogo copyThis is the first poll conducted on politics.mn and it focuses on the Republican battle in House District 30B. The poll will be added to the top right sidebar of politics.mn.

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I’ll be testing a variety of polling features, so the look of the poll and the wording of the questions will change in future polls. Please check back to politics.mn to view the results and for additional analysis on the 2014 elections.


  1. American Patriot says:

    Wait a minute. Is this the same Fitzsimmons guy who was wearing hockey jersey and getting a group of rabid emmerzombies from CD6 to get Emmer the endorsement for Gov? Now these people are mad at him for his support of government-sponsored buggery and he wants to betray these people?

    The other problem with running in a primary is whether or not Fitzy will be able to keep from crying. He cries about everything. It’s embarassing, he’s a grown man.

  2. Why doesn’t Fitzy get a job as a waiter instead? Those guys make more than $100k a year.

  3. Phyllis Diller says:

    How about this poll:

    “Should grown men who cry and quit something be in elected office?”

  4. Tea Party Potentate says:

    Maybe Fitzy should go back to running elections – he did such a great job with Emmer losing RNC and Gov, Bachmann losing MN, Bills losing Senate and himself losing endorsement …. There must be a campaign looking to be driven into the ground. Any takers?

  5. The Emmer Campaign was an extremely succeful one. The Bills Campaign had no backing from the party, and Bachmann won..

    And arguments based on the premise of crying is inadequate to say the least. When you are wrongly judged under the spotlight he is given for doing the right thing, please come and talk then. Fitz is the best for the job, and one of the best legislators.

  6. Where is the third “I don’t care” option? Why is everyone so worked up over this guy? The beast he helped create attacked him. Nobody should be shocked. Maybe those who still laud the days of their 2010 Emmer Campaign camaraderie they are so fond of *still* talking about will finally see their work for what it’s worth.

    And is this really the turning point all these “insiders” falling over themselves to #standwithfitz needed to see the sham that is the party this guy helped create? If that’s the case, sheez. We’re f*cked.

  7. Of course. Lots more promises hecan make. And break.

  8. For those of you that are reading this and wondering exactly what is going on, here it is.

    I was at the precinct caucus and last Saturday’s Wright county convention. The precinct caucus vote went overwhelmingly to Eric Lucero. After that night the “insiders” concocted a plan to oust Eric. Shortly after the caucus we got a letter from Senell Jaster, saying she was throwing her hat in the ring at the last minute because she was “disheartened by the divisive rhetoric.”

    At the county convention the order of the candidates speeches were “randomly” chosen, Eric, David then Senell. Two people introduced Eric who gave a speech that was not divisive. Next David spoke in generalizations and accusations attacking Eric, followed by his announcement that he was quitting! Next Joe McDonald then Marion O’Neill gave their stump speeches through forced tears and quivering voices as how they were disappointed at what a tragedy this was! They gave Senell a very emotional introduction. Anybody who was there saw right through this B grade acting skit with embarrassment. Senell had a look on her face like she was ratted out for having her hands in the cookie jar. After one spoiled vote the second went overwhelmingly to Eric.

    So let’s see if Fitz will abide by the endorsement or sic the “insider” lawyers on the majority elected candidate.

  9. A lot of tough talk in the comments about Fitz by people unwilling to even stand by their comments with their name. At least he had the courage to sign his name to run for office and to stand up for what he knew to be right. I hope I get the opportunity to knock on your doors come primary season, but I doubt you’ll be so strong worded then.

  10. I hope we will have the opportunity to vote for Rep. FitzSimmons at the GOP Primary. It’d be a shame to let a few single-issue party activists dictate to the majority of HD 30B voters. Let the chips fall where they may..

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