Sources: Hann Expresses Regret at Caucus Meeting for Controversy About His Vote on Tax Bill

48HannAccording to multiple sources, the Minnesota Senate Republican Caucus’ (MN SRC) meeting last night was very “vibrant.” The meeting started around 5:30 PM and lasted over 4 hours. From sources I spoke with last evening and this morning, the caucus meeting focused on the 2016 elections (which are 961 days away), new polling, and the controversy surrounding Sen. Hann’s vote against the tax bill.

As I previously wrote, while Hann had been asked to resign, the sources I had spoken with said it was more likely Hann would face an unpleasant caucus meeting, where he will be asked to explain his vote and the messaging from the MN SRC, rather than a vote to remove him as caucus leader.

Sources I spoke with said Hann expressed regret at last evening’s caucus for the confusion created by his vote. Additional internal caucus structural decisions were discussed last evening and announcements may be forthcoming. Communications staff at the MN SRC did not respond again to requests seeking comment for this story. Please check back to for additional information as more develops on this story.


  1. Loose lips sink ships. I hope the caucus finds this mole that has been talking to you and expels them to the DFL.

  2. The Ghost of Rudy Perpich says:

    I will haunt him in a spooky way!

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