Exposé on MNSure Chaos Provides GOP with a Golden Opportunity…Will They Take it?

PoliticsMN_WEBSITELogoA few times each election cycle, the dynamics of a particular race can be altered for one of numerous reasons. The political environment is influenced by many factors and it can change very quickly. The revelations in the Star Tribune’s article, “MNsure defects were no surprise“, could have a dramatic impact on the upcoming elections, which are 211 days away.


Source: MNSure

For Republicans in Minnesota, the Star Tribune’s article confirms their beliefs that MNSure had problems long before it was launched last fall. The article provides new information on the behind-the-scenes chaos at MNSure and the article directly contradicts previous statements from Governor Mark Dayton about when he first learned of the problems at MNSure.

In the aftermath of the Star Tribune’s article, it will be interesting to watch the messaging battle between Democrats and Republicans during the next few days. Scott Honour was the only Republican gubernatorial candidate to release a press statement yesterday about the Star Tribune’s article. Honour called on Dayton to “fire” Lucinda Jesson, the commissioner of Minnesota’s Department of Human Services and “…scrapping the Obamacare-MNSure exchange and stopping the open ended taxpayer bailouts.” This morning, the Minnesota Jobs Coalition issued a press release which said it “…now appears Dayton and senior administration officials were fully aware of the issues prior to MNsure’s launch and did not act.”

Democrats at the Minnesota Legislature are not focusing on MNSure today. Their message this morning is on the deal reached between the Minnesota Senate and House on a raise in the minimum wage. One of the advantages Democrats have in Minnesota is their party occupies the leadership offices of most offices in state government. This advantage allows Democrats to have a much larger impact on establishing what will be the focus of the media. It will be interesting to see what steps Republicans take to influence today’s messaging push by the Democrats.

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  1. MN Political Insider says:

    The problems with MNsure are a lot deeper than this. There is a whole story to be done on fraudulent sign ups.

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