Emmer Wins GOP Endorsement in 6th; Sivarajah to Run in Primary

TomEmmerHeadshotTom Emmer won the endorsement from Republicans in the 6th Congressional District on the first ballot on Saturday with 76 percent of the vote over Anoka County commissioner Rhonda Sivarajah. Emmer was the heavy favorite to win the endorsement. In February, Emmer won the 6th CD straw ballot with 67 percent and over the last few months, his campaign gained additional support.

In a statement released from the campaign, Emmer said:

The last ten months have been about building up the grassroots into an organization that will identify and turn out our voters in November. I am humbled from the support of the activists here today. It’s thrilling to have the endorsement and succeed in another benchmark of the campaign. Now is the time to come together and remind voters republicans are the party of freedom and opportunity and that we want families to be able to raise children in an America that is prosperous. 

Rhonda-Sivarajah-hi-resEmmer left the endorsement with the backing of the GOP in the 6th CD, but he could face multiple candidates in the Republican primary election. Sivarajah announced this week that she would seek the GOP endorsement on Saturday, but she would still run in the primary if she didn’t win the endorsement. In an e-mail sent to politics.mn, Sivarajah wrote, “I believe voters are longing for a candidate who can deliver real results.  I am looking forward to sharing my record of accomplishments with ALL the voters of the 6th Congressional District.”

In her speech at the 6th CD on Saturday, Sivarajah spoke of the benefits to the Republican Party as one of the reasons she’s running in the primary:

Our base needs to be expanded, not constricted. Our Minnesota Republican Party as a whole benefits from going to a primary with its wider audience and increased voter participation. This helps republicans all around the state, up and down the ballot. 

Phil Krinkie announced earlier in the week that he would not be attending Saturday’s Republican endorsing convention and he may run in the Republican primary, or he may run as a third-party candidate. Krinkie has months to make his final decision on what path his candidacy may purse.

I’ll have additional analysis on 6th Congressional District race, so please check back to politics.mn.


  1. Bill Gleason says:

    Image and politics …

    Thank you for the even-handed story on the Emmer-Sivarajah situation.

    You use a picture in this piece which raises a question about image. Clearly the picture of candidate Sivarajah is not current. Since the GOP seems, perhaps, overly interested in “pretty shiny things” lately, I wonder if you could comment on the picture.

    There is a nice article in MinnPost about the race that includes a current and very nice picture of Sivarajah. Link: http://ow.ly/vL84d

    So why do you suppose your picture seems more widely used? And is this actually a good thing? I don’t think older voters – or even middle aged – will be put off at all by a current picture of Ms. Sivarajah. And, to put in a cheap shot – there really aren’t that many “young” voters in the GOP.

    If I lived in the district, I would vote for Ms. Sivarajah. She is intelligent, competent, hard-working, and has a great record as a public servant.

    I disagree with most of her political positions, but believe in a strong two party system. She is a very good candidate.

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  3. Tea Party Potentate says:


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