Mills Targets Nolan’s “F” Rating on Gun Rights

PoliticsMN_WEBSITELogo8th Congressional District candidate Stewart Mills released a new television ad and website targeting incumbent Congressman Rick Nolan’s record on the 2nd Amendment. According to a release from Mill’s press release, “exposes Nolan’s embarrassing 2nd amendment voting record.”

Below is Mills’s new ad “2nd Amendment“:

In a statement released by his campaign, Mills said:

Too often, politicians in Washington claim to support the 2nd amendment then turn around and vote against our liberties, said Mills. Rick Nolan is no exception – his support for handgun bans, restrictions on certain semi-automatic rifles, and magazine capacity limits earned him an F rating from the NRA. The Eighth District deserves someone who will fight for our 2nd Amendment rights, not fall in line with Barack Obama to vote against them every chance they get.

UPDATE: Congressman Rick Nolan released the following statement in response to Mills’ ad:

This ad is a dishonest, “big lie” smear campaign tactic that couldn’t be further from the truth…There is a clear and well-established right to gun ownership in this country, and I have and always will support that right, guaranteed in the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. Gun ownership for recreation, personal protection, and hunting are deeply ingrained in our culture, way of life, and legal rights. I was raised with these principles. I am a gun owner who strongly supports 2nd amendment rights, having hunted deer, duck, and grouse in Minnesota for more than fifty years. I never miss a hunting opener.

If Stewart Mills wants to talk about guns, he should talk about how he wants to tax everyday Minnesotans who want to buy a gun – but not his fellow millionaires.

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  1. Rick Nolan always mentions hunting when discussing the 2nd Amendment. He does not seem to know the 2nd Amendment is not about hunting.

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