Maybe Chester has the plan

PoliticsMN_WEBSITELogo0521picRepublican endorsed candidate for governor Jeff Johnson and his lieutenant governor Bill Kuisle have had trouble over the last few weeks offering specifics on what they would do if elected in November.

The lack of details offered by both Johnson and Kuisle could lead some to question how much planning and thought they have put into governing.

In an interview two week ago, Kuisle said their plans for leading the state were still “a work in progress”:

“When it comes to specific plans for how to achieve their goals, Kuisle said a lot of it is ‘a work in progress.’ ‘It varies so much that it’s hard to get your hands around it right away,’ Kuisle said. ‘We’re in the process of gathering information. We kind of know, as a vision, where we want the state to go.’

As the campaign progresses, their plans will become more concrete.” Source: Perham Focus, “Lt. Governor candidate visits Perham”, July 6, 2014.

JeffJohnsonHeadshotA week later, Johnson wasn’t able to offer specifics on his budget plans as governor:

“If you’re looking for specific things of we would eliminate I can’t do that right now because I don’t know what the numbers will look like…” Source: Associated Press, “GOP hopefuls differ on how to rein in state budget”, July 19, 2014

“Johnson, the endorsed Republican, said the short window between inauguration and submittal of budget would make it difficult for any new governor to pursue sweeping change in every corner of state government. ‘We’re just not going to have a lot of time to formulate where we’re going long term,’ he said.” Source: Associated Press, “GOP hopefuls differ on how to rein in state budget”, July 19, 2014

Johnson announced his campaign for governor 444 days ago, which leads one to speculate what Johnson and his campaign advisors have been doing since Johnson announced his candidacy to formulate any specific plans in the event he’s actually elected governor.


Source: Johnson for Governor

Johnson and Kuisle’s comments represent the verbal equivalent of them both shrugging their shoulders and looking at the ground when asked how they plan to lead the state. It is poor work by Johnson’s campaign and both candidates.

Since Johnson and Kuisle have been unable to provide any specific details to the media about their plans for what they would do as Governor and Lieutenant Governor of Minnesota, I thought Johnson’s dog Chester may know the plans for a Johnson-Kuisle administration.

Chester has been featured as a prominent member of Johnson’s team and hopefully he’ll be able to articulate the details plans that Johnson and Kuisle have been unable to provide Minnesotans.

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  1. Boom. Roasted.

    I wonder what THE voice of conservative women has to say…. just kidding… no one cares about JDJ or what she has to say.

  2. This is totally inaccurate, and anyone with a bit of intelligence would smell a rat here.

    Johnson’s 1st budget will requires him first to implement his plan to audit government programs, starting with HHS — keeping what programs work, and cutting those that do not. There are your ‘specifics’, of which are clearly stated by Johnson time and time again. Of course, I believe you already knew this and yet chose to write a very lazy ‘hit piece’ instead of actual journalism. Get your act together please.

  3. Not Impressed says:

    “We kind of know, as a vision, where we want the state to go.”

    That sure sounds like they have all the “specifics” narrowed down doesn’t.
    Unreal. Guy’s been campaigning for over a year, and he can’t even communicate his clear vision for Minnesota to his own running mate.
    If this guy wins the primary it will be 4 more years of Dayton.

  4. -@ Anonymous 2:12 PM

    Thanks for pointing out that Jeff Johnson STILL can’t identify one government program he would cut or eliminate and instead needs more time if elected to further study the issue. Thanks again for clearing this up for me.

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