Johnson’s campaign downplays fundraising expectations

PoliticsMN_WEBSITELogoJeffJohnsonHeadshotFresh off his win in the Republican primary for governor, Jeff Johnson’s campaign is downplaying fundraising raising expectations as Johnson begins his general election battle with Governor Mark Dayton.

The most recent fundraising figures available ($861,815.04 and Johnson with $133,886.49 = Pre-Primary Report of Receipts and Expenditures + 24 Hour Notices) shows Dayton had cash-on-hand (COH) total of approxiamely $861,815.04 and Johnson with $133,886.49 – a COH lead by Dayton of $727,928.55.

Johnson’s campaign recently disclosed to the Star Tribune their fundraising goals would be “a bit more modest” than what the campaign could legally spend in his campaign for governor against Dayton:

Both candidates have agreed to state-enforced contribution and spending limits that will allow them each to raise a total of about $4 million, and in exchange receive a public subsidy for their campaign. For Dayton, that’s a big contrast to 2010, when he poured $3.7 million of his personal wealth into the race.

To reach the $4 million limit, Johnson would have to raise about $250,000 weekly between now and the election. Campaign manager Scot Crockett said the actual fundraising goal is a bit more modest.

“This is going to probably be somewhere north of $2 million for us, how high I’m not sure yet,” said Crockett

official_daytonIn 2010, Tom Emmer had total receipts of $2,842,138.75 for his campaign for governor. Johnson’s campaign manager is leaving open the possibility of spending LESS than Emmer did in four years ago.

Other sources close to the campaign expect Johnson to raise more than $3 million.

In the months leading up the endorsing convention, Johnson was adamant that his campaign was in the “best position financially” to beat Dayton than his Republican challengers:

“My campaign is in the best position financially to defeat Mark Dayton in November and save Minnesotans from his disastrous policies.” Source: Jeff Johnson for Governor press release, February 3, 2014

A top Minnesota Republican told, “Jeff Johnson and his team made a lot of promises during the endorsement and primary campaign about Johnson’s ability to fund and run a winning campaign.” They added, “Republicans like Congressman Erik Paulsen and Tom Emmer supported Johnson and they now bear a responsibility to ensure Johnson runs the campaign he claimed he would.”

In April, I wrote a post about the fundraising significant gap between Dayton and his Republican rivals. The next fundraising reports are due on September 23 and Johnson needs to close the gap between Dayton very quickly.

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  2. I can’t believe the lack of response by Senator Dayton in regards to the IRS being used to harm Americans with different political views.

    It is time for Senator Dayton to retire so someone who wants to do the job of a senator can step in.

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