MacDonald loses support from top Republicans

PoliticsMN_WEBSITELogoMacDonaldNewmanMichelle MacDonald, the Republican endorsed candidate for the Minnesota Supreme Court, lost support from top Republicans today after she was removed from the Republican Party of Minnesota’s booth at the Minnesota State Fair after being banned from campaigning inside the booth.

This afternoon, State Senator Scott Newman, the Republican endorsed candidate for Minnesota Attorney General, endorsed MacDonald’s opponent, incumbent Minnesota Supreme Court Justice David Lillehaug. In a statement released by his campaign, Newman said:

“My campaign for Attorney General is driven by my belief that our Attorney General should never be motivated by, or give in to political considerations. I am asking the people of Minnesota to elect me chief legal counsel for our great state. They have the right to expect that I will exercise my duties giving no consideration to politics. I must be the same person as a candidate that I will be as Attorney General. 

That is why I hereby announce my support for Justice David Lillehaug for Supreme Court. Although his opponent, Michelle MacDonald, was endorsed at the Republican Convention, I cannot support her. I believe her conduct in connection with her arrest, as well as recent comments and conduct demonstrate a temperament that is inconsistent with the duties of a Supreme Court Justice.”

This evening, a group of prominent Republican attorneys sent a memorandum to the Republican Party of Minnesota’s State Executive Committee, raising strong concerns about MacDonald’s candidacy. Attorney Kevin Magnuson, one of the authors of the memorandum, said:

“Ms. MacDonald has consistently demonstrated a shocking level of disrespect for law enforcement, the courts and the rule of law. Clearly, she is unfit to serve on our highest court, or even be considered a serious candidate. She’s no different than the tax protesters who used to blow up the mailboxes of federal judges. Had the delegates and the top leaders of the party known how far into the lunatic fringe she is, there is no way she would have been endorsed.”

Below is the complete memorandum sent to the Republican Party of Minnesota’s State Executive Committee.

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  1. The MNGOP should be utterly ashamed. They have harmed the Party and this woman’s life. The only answer is to convene an emergency convention, admit the mistake and garner the votes to recind the endorsement . . . anything less and what happened today will happen everyday – compounded by 10. It is only a matter of time until the much smarter operatives on the Dems side blow this up.

  2. John Kysylyczyn says:

    State party leadership should be ashamed. They have done everything possible to attract attention to a situation which if left alone, would have attracted no attention whatsoever.

  3. FINALLY!!!!!
    These guys should have written this letter 2 months ago.

  4. Newman wants to be Attorney General yet he endorses a Democrat for Supreme Court. Not only is Lillehaug a democrat, but he is Dayton’s liberal buddy, and is corrupt as well. I guess Newman doesn’t do any research before making endorsements. What a fool.

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