Dayton maintains big money lead over Johnson

official_daytonPoliticsMN_WEBSITELogoGovernor Mark Dayton’s campaign announced raising $521,077.28 in the last reporting period and had $1,685,490.55 cash on hand (COH), almost twice as much his Republican rival, Jeff Johnson. Johnson’s campaign reported raising $620,038 and had $866,161 COH. Dayton received a public subsidy payment of $534,071.77, with Johnson receiving $389,408.

During the last fundraising period, Dayton had receipts totaling $1,055,148 and Johnson had receipts totaling  $1,009,446. Coming into one of the most expensive time for campaigns, Dayton has a COH lead of $819,329.55 over Johnson.

Dayton’s campaign said in a statement:

With nearly $1.7M cash on hand heading into the final stretch of the general election the Mark Dayton for a Better Minnesota campaign is in a strong position to get out it’s message of strengthening the middle class, improving education and making government work better for all Minnesotans.

JeffJohnsonHeadshotIn a statement from his campaign, Johnson said:

Our momentum is building every day and I am more confident now than ever that we are going to win on November 4 and take our state back for everyday, middle-class Minnesotans…Our fundraising really took off after the primary—particularly after Labor Day—we are on track to meet our financial goals and our television ads will be up on the air very soon. We are on the road to victory.

Last month I wrote about how Johnson’s campaign was downplaying fundraising expectations. Johnson’s campaign disclosed to the Star Tribune their fundraising goals would be “a bit more modest” than what the campaign could legally spend in his campaign for governor against Dayton.

In 2010, the Republican endorsed candidate for governor, Tom Emmer, had total receipts of $2,842,138.75 for his campaign. Johnson’s campaign is on pace to raise less money than Emmer did four years ago in his campaign against Dayton. In April, I wrote a post about the fundraising significant gap between Dayton and his Republican rivals.

My analysis is Johnson needed to raise more money than he did in the last fundraising period. Johnson raised such a small amount of money in 2013 and in the early months of 2014, that he’s now running out of time to catch up with Dayton. Please check back to for additional analysis and information on the 2014 elections.



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  3. Thanks for the update Mr. Brodkorb. Just a spelling check note – last paragraph notes 20113 year instead of 2013.*

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