Balls & Strikes: Great move by McFadden’s campaign to replay debate

BallsnStrikesBalls & Strikes is a continued featured on which focuses on examining the tactics and strategies of Minnesota politics, politicians and candidates. I’ve complemented and offered constructive criticism to both Republicans and Democrats.

As a Republican, the opportunities to compliment the strategy and tactics of Republican campaigns in 2014 have been sparse. But over the last week, I written a more than one post about Mike McFadden’s campaign, as I’ve been impressed with scrappy persona of his campaign.

When the Star Tribune first reported McFadden’s campaign had purchased air-time to replay McFadden’s debate with U.S. Senator Al Franken, I thought it was a very smart move the campaign. I am not aware of this tactic ever being done, particularly in Minnesota. Trailing in the polls to Franken and only two more debates scheduled, McFadden’s campaign came up with an brilliant strategy for ensuring voters stay focused on the race for U.S. Senate.

I previously wrote about McFadden’s performance at the debate, which I thought was very strong. But the debate was held early in the morning in Duluth and McFadden’s campaign ensured more Minnesotans would see the debate by re-airing it this afternoon. I did not live-tweet the replay of the debate, but the research director for Franken’s campaign sent out numerous tweets.

Good work by Franken’s campaign in responding to McFadden’s strategy, as it seems they know it could have an impact.

Balls & Strikes is a feature on focused on examining the tactics and strategies of Minnesota politics, politicians and candidates.


  1. It’s a bold move…

    I’m not sure I agree with the strategy, spending money getting your opponent on TV.

    That being said, Mike did very well in the debate, and for $5000 for one hour of TV, it’s a steal of a deal.

    He needed to start making some bold, risky moves, and this certainly qualifies. I hope it pays off.

  2. Yes, it’s an outstanding value as far as media buys go and I understand the face-time arguement. But a rerun is still rerun. The relevant question is whether there are enough undecided voters to persuade. Apparently Team McFadden believes there is.

  3. I Missed the Debate says:

    Glad it is being shown again. Did McFadden challenge Franken on his treason surrounding Franken’s promotion of the Sandy Hook hoax?

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