Unwinding The SPIN: McFadden’s campaign winning the “spin” war

UnwindingtheSPINI spoke with a few reporters yesterday about what I am seeing in the last three weeks of the campaign cycle in Minnesota. I commented that I continue to see a strong effort from Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Mike McFadden’s campaign. The most recent example I cited was the smart tactical move by McFadden’s campaign to replay the first debate between McFadden and U.S. Senator Al Franken last weekend.

Last evening, I reviewed a section of McFadden’s website (McFadden’s campaign had previously sent out an e-mail about it) which is compilation of press stories about the race for the U.S. Senate. It was not a complete list of all the stories about the race, but the stories included on this list reading show how McFadden’s campaign is winning the “spin” war with Franken’s campaign.

McFadden’s campaign and Republicans in Minnesota have said Franken is currently leading in recent polls in the race for U.S. Senate and I agree.  Franken’s campaign strategy is heavily focused on paid television advertisements and he has raised and spent more money than McFadden. But McFadden’s campaign is working to generate more earned media stories and based on the list of stories I read, McFadden’s campaign is doing a great job. It is a battle of earned media vs. paid media.

In the days and weeks before Election Day, I would expect McFadden’s campaign to continue their creative approach of generating positive media, while raising as much money as possible to combat Franken’s large paid media campaign. The spin doctors for both sides have been active, but McFadden’s campaign continues to apply strong pressure to Franken.

Unwinding the SPIN is a section of politics.mn which translates the spin and messaging in Minnesota politics.

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