DFL pounces on Johnson’s “no clue” comment

PoliticsMN_WEBSITELogoThe Minnesota DFL pounced on comments made by Republican candidate for governor Jeff Johnson in yesterday’s debate by releasing a video of Johnson’s “no clue” answer to a question about how to define the middle class.

Below is the Minnesota’s DFL video “Jeff Johnson has no clue“:

As I wrote yesterday, the campaign for governor ended when Johnson uttered the phrase “no clue.” A candidate cannot make the defense of the middle class the centerpiece of their candidacy, but then so bluntly claim they have “no clue” how to define the middle class. In 15 days, barring something unforeseen, Governor Mark Dayton will be re-elected to a second term as governor and Johnson will lose. The only question remaining is what will be the margin of Dayton’s victory.

In a statement from the campaign, Johnson’s communications director Jeff Bakken said:

“Mark Dayton was born into wealth and has lived most of his life off a South Dakota trust fund. Jeff Johnson was born and raised in Detroit Lakes, his dad delivered bread to supermarkets for a living, and Jeff has earned every dollar he’s made.

If Mark Dayton and his attack machine want to get into a debate with Jeff Johnson over who better understands the middle class, bring it on.”

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