Political Drive-Time – October 31, 2014

PoliticalDriveEvery Monday thru Friday on politics.mn, I’ll be posting links to the key political stories of the day, providing you with a recap of the day’s events. My goal is to give you a jump start on the political stories people will be talking about today AND tomorrow.

#1. Michael Brodkorb’s Star Tribune Blog – In last debate with Dayton, Johnson struggles to offer specifics

#2. Michael Brodkorb’s Star Tribune Blog – Ramstad endorses Rutzick in competitive legislative race

#3. Michael Brodkorb’s Star Tribune Blog – Franken’s Ebola gaffe overshadows his closing message

#4. Star Tribune – DFL: Republican candidates voted for measures criticized in party’s mailers

#5. Star Tribune – Nolan and Mills in Minnesota’s 8th

#6. Star Tribune – Late money still coming in

#7. Star Tribune – State representative from Elk River pleaded guilty to DWI in August

#8. MPR – Cheat sheet: Minnesota House races to watch

#9. MPR – PoliGraph: MN Jobs Coalition Erickson ad misleads

#10. MPR – Severson says his campaign website was hacked

#11. MPR – Two candidates trying to unseat McCollum

#12. MPR – Two candidates trying to unseat Ellison

#13. Capitol Chatter – Final debate summarizes governor race

#14. MinnPost – The Star Tribune endorsed Stewart Mills for Congress. His policies? Not so much

#15. MinnPost – Civil rights commission joins call for end to NFL team’s nickname

#17. MinnPost – Both parties in Minnesota preparing for the possibility of — yes — a recount

#18. MinnPost – The outsiders: how big money flows through Minnesota elections

#19. Republican Party of Minnesota – Minnesota House Democrats Getting Nervous

#20. Mike McFadden for U.S. Senate – FACT CHECK: Franken Still The Most Partisan Senator Despite New Super PAC Ad

As always, please check back to politics.mn for additional posts and analysis on the 2014 elections. 

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