What the #%*! happened in Minnesota?

PoliticsMN_WEBSITELogoWhatTheThe 2014 elections are over in Minnesota and the results have many people scratching their heads trying to figure what happened. I’ll be doing media interviews today and I’ll have a post up later tonight with my detailed analysis on what happened yesterday in Minnesota.

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  1. Considering that Dayton is a Governor, so all things local affect him more than Franken who is a U.S. Senator. I think you can take a look at Franken’s and Dayton’s vote totals and extrapolate that Dayton lost about 64,000 DFL votes due to things like the Vikings Stadium and the new Senate Office building.
    Franken 1,052,724
    Dayton 988,656

    Could go into a deeper analysis and maybe say that some of those 64,000 split their ticket, voting Franken and Johnson, but I haven’t done that.

    Also, I haven’t added up the vote totals for the legislature, but when the Governor loses that many available votes it can start to hurt down into the legislative races.

    And for those who say their vote doesn’t count… tell that to Kirk Stensrud in 48A who is currently down by 36 votes where there were 26 write-ins and a automatic recount.

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