Republican Party to launch new campaign focused on returning entire budget surplus

MNGOPLogoPoliticsMN_WEBSITELogoThe Republican Party of Minnesota is planning to launch a new advertising campaign focused on encouraging Governor Mark Dayton and the Minnesota Legislature to return all of the projected $1.9 billion budget surplus to taxpayers.

Last week, Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman Keith Downey called for the entire projected budget surplus to be returned to taxpayers.

According to multiple sources, the Republican Party of Minnesota’s State Executive Committee had a conference call on Tuesday evening and approved spending “at least six-figures” on a new “give it all back” campaign. The vote to authorize the spending was not unanimous, as some members of the committee voted against the motion proposed by Downey because of the current debt obligations of the party.

While Republicans are hopeful their new campaign will result in the entire budget surplus eventually being returned, an immediate goal is to “excite donors” to contribute to the party. Sources with knowledge of the discussion on Tuesday evening said Downey pledged to dedicate 25 percent of the money generated by the new “give it all back” campaign to pay bills from the 2014 elections.

The Star Tribune reported Dayton called for investing the projected surplus in areas such as education and transportation, while Speaker of the Minnesota House of Representatives Kurt Daudt (R-Crown) said a portion of the surplus should be returned to taxpayers.

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  1. Tea Party Potentate says:

    MNGOP once again has a serious Neocon problem.

  2. A lotta good that extra $350 in my wallet would do as I’m in my car plummeting into the Mississippi River having driven across yet another dilapidated bridge.

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