Sawalich to exit as president of Freedom Club

PoliticsMN_WEBSITELogoBrandonSawalichBrandon Sawalich, the President of the Freedom Club, announced last week he will not seek a third term. The Freedom Club is “a 501c4 non-profit corporation organized to educate the public about conservative principles and economic prosperity.”

The Freedom Club also supports political candidates through a state and federal PAC.

In an e-mail to Freedom Club members, Sawalich wrote:

I am very proud to have served the last four years as President of the Freedom Club. We have accomplished remarkable results together and the Freedom Club would not be where it is without you, the member. The last four years we have helped shape the future of our great state along with the outcome of national races. Currently, we are at an all time high in membership and your Executive Committee is already looking forward to our next election cycle strategy. The Executive Committee is conducting a strategy session on April 13th to discuss and begin the process of outlining our short, medium and longterm goals. We have our eye on tomorrow.

With a new election cycle comes the need for new ideas and energy within the leadership of the Freedom Club. As Cush stated eloquently when he was up for his Executive Committee elections, “I believe in term limits”. After two terms and four years I notified the Executive Committee I will not be running for a third term as President or member on the Executive Committee. I am hopeful and excited more members will decide to run for these seats and even as President of the club.

Sawalich is currently a senior vice-president at Starkey Hearing Technologies. Sawalich was recently honored as a “40 Under 40”  by Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal. As always, please check back to for additional information.

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