Jungbauer to run for chair of Republican Party

PoliticsMN_WEBSITELogounnamedBill Jungbauer, who previoulsy served in the leadership of the 2nd and 4th Congressional District Republicans, said today he will be a candidate for chair of the Republican Party of Minnesota.

Jungbauer is the first candidate to challenge incumbent Republican Party of Minnesota Chair Keith Downey for re-election. The election for party officers, including chair, will occur at the Republican Party of Minnesota State Central Committee meeting, scheduled for April 11, 2015 at Olson Middle School in Bloomington.

In a statement, Jungbauer said “it will be my goal when elected chair to bring back transparency and trust.” Jungbauer added, “the party belongs to the grassroots activists, not to secretive elitist leadership.”

Jungbauer’s term as chair of the 2nd Congressional District Republicans ended last Saturday. He has also been a member of the Republican Party of Minnesota’s State Executive Committee under four different chairs of the Republican Party of Minnesota, including Downey. Jungbauer previously ran for the Minnesota House of Representative and Minnesota Senate.

Downey, who announced he would seek re-election in January, recently advocated for a rule change requiring candidates for party officers of the Republican Party of Minnesota to announce their candidacies by tomorrow. The committee responsible for drafting rules for the upcoming party elections rejected Downey’s rule change.

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