About Hook, Line & Sinker Fact-Check

Welcome politics.mn’s fact-check Hook, Line & Sinker: Keeping the Truth Afloat. This section of politics.mn will focus on fact-checking political statements and campaign advertisements.  

Over the course of my professional career, I have designed and approved thousands of mail pieces and political advertisements.  Hook, Link & Sinker will focus on fact-checking political advertisements and statements from Republicans, Democrats and any candidate running for office or from any political organization in Minnesota. All of the posts will be organized under the “FACT-CHECK” tab on the front page of politics.mn.

Below is the scoring system for Hook, Line & Sinker. 


A truthful advertisement or statement presented in the proper context. 



A substantially accurate advertisement or statement, but missing some context.




 A statement or advertisement that is partially true, but missing some context and additional facts.




A statement or advertisment that is false, missing both substantial facts and context.  




A flat out lie – the equivalent of “liar, liar – pants on fire.”



Please check back for fact-checks from politics.mn.  If you have an ad or statement you would like fact-checked, please send me an e-mail via the contact page on politics.mn.