A historic victory for Gustavo Pedro, the first left-wing president in the country’s history

For the first time in its entire history, He was elected left-wing president on Sunday, June 19 in Colombia. Gustavo Pedro, 62, won the second round with 50.44% of the vote. Rodolfo Hernandez, a wealthy businessman and independent candidate who ran against him, received 47.31% of the vote, according to provisional results announced this evening. The turnout was 58%, a record since 1997. Mr. If Pedro’s success is historically significant, his vice president is Francia Marquez, an Afro-descendant, feminist and environmental activist. Mr. Gustavo Pedro will replace Ivan Duke on August 7.

Gustavo Pedro was running for a third term as leader of a coalition known as the historic treaty. An economist by training, he was a member of the M-19’s small urban guerrillas in his youth, which dropped their weapons in the 1990s. Gustavo Pedro has since served as a deputy, senator, mayor of Bogot and again a senator. Throughout the presidential election campaign, the right-wingers – Mr. Rodolfo mobilized for second round – Mr. Pedro’s guerrillas did not fail to recall the past.

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“Government taking office on August 7 will be one of life, peace, social justice and environmental justice.” Mr. Pedro was launched on Sunday evening, on the stage of Movistar, a large concert hall in Bogot, in the presence of his cheerful supporters. The future head of state was surrounded by his relatives, the future vice president and many activists.

“Reconcile this nation”

On Twitter, Francia Marquez dedicated her success “Elderly, women, youth, LGBTIQ + people, tribals, farmers, victims, [s]We are black, to those who oppose, to those who do not now, to all of Colombia. She greeted her arrival on the microphone “Government of the people, government of the people on foot, government of the helpless”. And to the end, “Together, we will reconcile this nation with happiness and peace.”

“There will only be respect and conversation”, Mr. Before his election, Pedro called for a major national agreement to recover the country from the crisis and ensure peace. Between two rounds he received the support of several centrist personalities who defended the peace agreement signed in 2016 with the Marxist guerrillas of the FARC and were partially distorted by the government of Ivan Dukin. “Rodolfo Hernandez supporters can come and chat with us anytime,” Mr. Pedro insisted. Opposition is always welcome. ⁇ The elected president promised to create Colombia “Life force leads the fight against climate change”, Tried to reassure business leaders: “We are going to develop capitalism. It is not that we want the system, it is that we need to break out of feudalism and enter into modernity. ⁇ His conciliatory speech did not convince all opponents.

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