A male bear severely attacks a female and her cub

The pictures are violent. On Monday, June 6, a bear and its cub were attacked in Castile and Lyon, Spain. Authorities are trying to locate the two victims separated by the fight, which was filmed by an amateur videographer. “We know the bear was injured, but we know nothing else.”Sources in the Department of the Environment of Northern Spain told AFP.

The man and woman were fighting on a cliff, both of which fell from great heights and hit rocks, rolling long before one could come to rest, according to the video of the two climbers. Despite its large size, authorities said the bear died in the fight, and the injured woman returned to pick up the cub to be reunited, which authorities are trying to confirm.

The incident took place at Peña de Santa Lucía in the province of Balencia. At this time of year, as the Nature Castle and Lyon organization explained on Twitter “It is common for mothers to defend themselves against attacks by men who want to bring their cubs back into the heat.”.

“Like other animals, bears have a reproductive instinct to search for female bears with their young to kill their young.”Guillermo Palomero, chairman of the Brown Bear Foundation, told AFP. “The bear goes to the heat after two or three days, and this baby bear can mate with her and leave her genes.”He added that these attacks “Very violent”. பெண், “Settled with two cubs several weeks ago, may have lost one recently due to this male attack”Nature Castle and Leon clarified.

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According to the regional government, “Technical staff, veterinarians, environmentalists, conservationists and Bird Patrols of the Natural Heritage Foundation” Participate in the search, with the help of the Civil Defense of the region. In Spain, according to the Brown Bear Foundation, about 330 brown bears live in the Contabrian Mountains and 70 in the Pyrenees.

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