A referendum will be held in the Russian-controlled region of Zaporizhia

The Energoatom boss has called for a demilitarized zone around the Zaporizhia power plant

Energy boss[géticien public ukrainien Energoatom, Petro Kotine, a appelé lundi à la création d’une zone démilitarisée autour de la centrale nucléaire de Zaporijia, touchée par des bombardements pour lesquels Kiev et Moscou s’accusent mutuellement.

« Nous demandons à la communauté internationale et à tous nos partenaires (…) de faire le nécessaire en vue d’un retrait des envahisseurs du secteur de la centrale et en vue de la création d’une zone démilitarisée », a-t-il déclaré dans une intervention à la télévision ukrainienne, relayée par l’énergéticien dans une boucle Télégram.

« [Avec] Presence of blue helmets to ensure control of this area”Considering that, Mr. Added codeine “There should be a peacekeeping mission, which should include experts from the IAEA [Agence internationale de l’énergie atomique] and other security systems. According to him, Russian military presence at that location “Constitutes the greatest danger to the future, an accident involving radiation or a nuclear catastrophe”. Pedro also alleged that Codin was limited to the IAEA “Very weak reaction” Since the Russian army occupied the place, representing “About 500 soldiers [russes] and 50 heavy vehicles, tanks and trucks” Until today, he said.

The latest strike, which hit the area around the power station from Saturday to Sunday, damaged a high-voltage line supplying electricity to two Ukrainian regions, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Monday. On Saturday, a reactor was shut down after being targeted by strikes. According to Petro Godin, two Ukrainian employees of the plant were injured during these strikes.

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United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Monday was alarmed by the bombings, warning “Any attack on nuclear power plants is suicide”. “We fully support the IAEA’s efforts aimed at creating conditions to stabilize the situation at the plant level”He added, again requesting company inspectors to have access to the plant.

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