A Russian ambassador knocks on the door, denouncing Vladimir Putin’s “friendly or hostile policy”

Despite the fear and anger, his voice remained steady. This is a rare word: a Russian diplomat publicly condemns the war in Ukraine.

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In a letter, at the end of May, published on the professional social network LinkedIn, Boris Bondarev expresses his disgrace at the war waged by Vladimir Putin since February 24, which he says is a war not only against the Ukrainian people but also against the Russian people. Several reasons prompted him to knock on the door and leave Russia Permanent Representation to the United Nations Office in Geneva (Switzerland). After keeping his family safe with him in Switzerland, he condemned the slippage of Russian diplomacy since Vladimir Putin took over and agreed to place his trust in Franின்ois.

War in Ukraine: Rare Testimony of Boris Pontare on the Microphone by Mary-Pierre Verot and Denise Katte

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In the early 2000s, we had good relations with Western countries. We made cooperation with the United States and Europe a priority. But in 2007, he had that famous Munich speech in which Putin collapsed against the whole world, claiming that he had been deceived and that the West was not living up to our expectations. He then decides to pursue a policy of restricting Western nations, and diplomacy had to marry this line, which is a friendly or hostile policy.“, He reprimands.

This is no longer about diplomacy“, He made public in his letter, but”War, lying and hatred“.

As Boris Bondarev warns, Vladimir Putin is not in the process of negotiating as someone in the West imagines, but he has a passion: “Russia is always right and we must pursue our interests without concessions, because only weak yields. A great power must fully respect its core interests.

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Boris Bondarev was the only diplomat to publicly express such a violent disagreement with Moscow. Although he says he does not think so: “I have colleagues who share similar feelings, and friends who share the same outlook. We’re talking about it, but our opinion was not shared by many, it was not a hegemonic view. “He says.

Campaigning and fear have done his job. Boris Bondarev knows what he is in danger of. He now lives with his family in security in Switzerland, where he has sought political asylum. An expert in disarmament and non-proliferation, he is looking for a new job and possesses a definite asset: his close knowledge of Putin’s diplomatic activities.

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