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Ukrainian Grains: A Key Deal for Global Food Security

Ukraine and Russia have signed an agreement on the export of Ukrainian grain Signed on July 22 under UN and Turkey.

Why this agreement is important:

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Moscow blockaded Ukraine’s main ports. About 20 million tons of grain have been blocked at Ukrainian ports for months, pushing up basic food prices around the world.

Before the war, up to 90% of Ukrainian wheat, corn and sunflowers were transported by sea, mainly from the port of Odessa. Many developing countries such as Egypt, Lebanon and Tunisia rely heavily on kyiv for their grain supply.

What this agreement allows:

The agreement provides a safe maritime corridor for the transportation of grain from three Ukrainian ports on the Black Sea: the port of Odessa, the port of Chornomorsk and the port of Pivtenny, in Yuzhnev (30 kilometers east of Odessa). According to UN statistics, in 1There is In November, 9.7 million tonnes of grain and other agricultural products passed through this route. Valid for one hundred and twenty days, the deal has a deadline of November 19, but would normally be automatically renewed under terms that expire in July.

How it works:

The agreement establishes a buffer zone of 10 nautical miles around every ship traveling through the secure corridor. No boats, equipment or military drones are allowed within this area. Another zone has been established in Turkish waters to inspect ships from Ukraine before continuing their voyages. A Joint Coordination Center, responsible for overseeing the agreement, was created for this purpose in Turkey. Two Russians, two Ukrainians, two Turks and two UN. Delegates – It is made up of four groups of eight analysts each. Among other things, their role was to ensure that no weapons were carried on board the ships.

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Resumes after a brief pause:

On October 29, Russia announced it was withdrawing from the treaty, accusing Ukraine of drone attacks on its fleet in Sevastopol Bay in Crimea. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced Wednesday the resumption of Ukrainian grain exports, saying Moscow had received written guarantees. “enough” to re-engage in the agreement from Kiev.

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