According to Ukraine, at least 5,000 people died in Mariupol; Moscow wants to restrict access to its territory to citizens of “friendly” countries

Update on the situation in Ukraine

According to The latest update from historian and veteran Michael Goya, Released on Sunday, Russian General Rautsky, deputy commander of the security forces, released a situational report after a month-long fighting this weekend, confirming that the first phase of the war had been successful with great destruction, according to Moscow. Part of the Ukrainian army, and the Russian army and its allies will focus on the complete capture of the two provinces of Donbass. The General with his comments on the assessment of Ukrainian material losses according to Russia, verifiable figures: the Ukrainian military would have thus lost. “Three-quarters of its aircraft, 35 of its 36 TB2 drones, account for more than 80% of its anti-aircraft assets (S300-Buk M1)”. “In the pit, [la Russie admet] The Ukrainian Air Force is still active and probably still is [aussi] Its drones, Michel Goya does the analysis.

A Mariopol, In southeastern Ukraine, the mayor said on Monday that the city, which had been besieged by Russian forces for weeks, was on the brink of a humanitarian catastrophe and needed to be completely evacuated. According to Vadym Boïtchenko, more than 2,000 civilians have been killed and 160,000 civilians stranded in Mariupol without electricity.

Fighting continued, but the rope was loosened around some of the besieged cities Mycology, A city lock on the road to Odessa, the largest port in Ukraine, was attacked for several days by Russian artillery. With the Ukrainian counter-attack, the front retreated considerably GersonAbout 80 km southeast, it is the only large city claimed to have been completely captured by the Russian army since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine on February 24.

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Michael Goya notes that in this part of the country, Russian forces are still on the defensive / downsizing and restructuring. Russian attacks are limited to the Chernihiv region. Ukrainian forces continue their pressure on the West Kiev, entre Ivankiv, Dymer, Irpin-Myla et Kalymiv.

However, Ukrainian officials say new fires have broken out in the area of ​​the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, which is being occupied by Russian forces. “Militarization” Department under the United Nations. According to Ukrainian regional officials, the Russian military has taken control of the town of Slovdia, where workers at the Chernobyl nuclear plant live, and briefly arrested the mayor, prompting pro-Ukrainian protests.

Michael Koya further noted that General Routzko’s report formalizes the absence of Russian-Belarusian action in western Ukraine.

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