According to Ukrainian soldiers, signals of a new Ukrainian counteroffensive in the east

A Ukrainian special forces officer said the army is taking control of the “Svatov-Kreminna” highway and cutting off Russian supplies.

A beginning Counter attack Ukraine took shape East facadeThe Kharkiv-Isyom-Lyman axis has been stable since its release in early October, soldiers involved in the sector told AFP on Tuesday, confirming reports by Ukrainian officials.

«The trend is good, in fact on our side, the front row (this week) has progressed faster and better“Confirmed from a post in the village of Zarichne, an officer of the Special Forces of the Ukrainian Army, with the code name”MrsThis front is in progress. “We are focusing on the Svatov-Kreminna route, with the aim of cutting off the Russian supply route.“, the soldier continues, under the condition of anonymity, towards the occupied Lisitsansk. The city of Svatov, which has been occupied by Moscow since March 6, is one of the main logistical nodes of the Russian army in this occupied part of the Lugansk region.

Ukrainian forces are moving up from the south, especially along the axis parallel to the Svyatov-Kreminna highway, and the road through Nevsky. “In the direction of the Nevsky, our army is making good progress, much complicated by the daily bombardment at Greminna. For now, this sector has always had territorial defense (Ukrainian), great for maintaining positions, but not calibrated for attack.The officer continued. “We won’t talk about specific places, we let the public servants do that, but let’s say that the Svatov-Kremina highway is practically under the control of Ukrainian forces.“, pointed out the governor of the region Sergui Keidai on national television on Friday.

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