After Kherson, Ukraine says it launched an amphibious operation on the other side of the Dnieper.

Smoke rises from the left bank of the Dnieper. VALENTYN OGIRENKO / REUTERS

Ukrainian forces launched a naval assault on the Kinburn Peninsula bordering Kherson Oblast. However, no confirmation of the success of this operation has been provided.

Now is not the time for an operational hiatus for Ukraine. After two days Recaptured the city of KhersonAbandoned by the Russians, Q’s forces launched an amphibious assault on the Kinburn Peninsula, located near Mykolayiv and the Kherson region.

«The Kinburn Peninsula, the only unliberated part of Mykolaiv Oblast, is now one of the objectives of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Fights happen“, announced Natalya Humenyuk, spokeswoman for the Southern Command of the Ukrainian Army, on November 12. In a more playful way, Andriy Yermak, Volodymyr Zelensky’s chief of staff, tweeted about the move in emojis…

The British Ministry of Defense has released a daily map of the conflict, including on the Ukrainian-held peninsula.

These reports give some credit to the images presented as pictures of the activity posted on social networks in recent days. But for now, no official statement guarantees the success of this attack.

A strategic position

The peninsula occupies a very strategic position separating the Black Sea from the Dnieper estuary. After all, it is located just a few kilometers opposite Ochakiv, an important Ukrainian naval base. Three months after capturing the Kherson region, the Russian army captured it in mid-June. With these spurs of sand and salt marshes, she bombarded Ochakiv Harbor, specifically destroying the anti-submarine warfare corvette. Vinnytsia. In general, Kinburn has been used since June as an advanced artillery site and now a popular launch site. Iranian drones.

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Kinburn Peninsula. Google Maps

Since Sunday, rumors have been swirling about the landing of Ukrainian special forces on the peninsula and the withdrawal of the Russians. Several pro-Russian Telegram accounts announced the liberation of the north of the peninsula, without this information being officially confirmed. The press service of the governor of the Kherson region also formally denied the Ukrainian landing. “The Kinburn Peninsula is controlled by the Russian military. There were no enemy attempts to land on the peninsula“, physical certainty, with Russian news agency TASS.

But if the move does indeed prove successful, it will be thanks in part to US naval equipment delivered to Kyiv, particularly dozens of warships. “The remaining Ukrainian capabilities should include the 18 U.S. boats announced in June and the 40 recently promised.», Joseph Henrodin assertsEditor-in-chief of the magazine Defense and International Security and Research Fellow at the Center for Analysis and Forecasting of International Risks.

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Functionality or Restructuring of Persecution?

Recapturing the Kinburn Peninsula would present several benefits to Ukrainian forces. A successful landing would first allow for the permanent neutralization of the Russian firing base there, thereby facilitating the passage of ships in the area while protecting their ports. Nevertheless, this position seemed already compromised since Ukraine recaptured the right bank of the Dnieper, as it came within range of Ukrainian guns.

Was this a prelude to the recapture of the Kherson region or a simple harassing move to disrupt the Russian apparatus south of the Dnieper? The offensive would actually expand the Russian army and station troops on the peninsula, in order to gain more room for maneuver on the river.

But this landing will become a real bridge on the left bank of the river. In this case, the Ukrainian army undoubtedly confirms its desire to outflank the Russian army on its western flank and bypass its defensive line to recover the Kherson region. This maneuver would allow the Ukrainian army not to cross the Dnieper, where all the boats were destroyed by the Russians in their flight.

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