After the announcement of the referendum, Elizabeth II receives the Prime Minister of Scotland

On Wednesday, June 29, the day after the President announced his intention to hold a new referendum on Scotland’s independence in 2023, Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon received Queen II’s audience.

The 96-year-old Sovereign received the leader of the SNP’s Freedom Party at the Holy Route Palace in Edinburgh, where he attends a traditional royal event in Scotland with several members of his family. Dressed in a flowery dress, she was now often photographed during the meeting without the reclining cane. Nicola Surgeon gave him a limited edition bottle of Johnny Walker whiskey. The content of their exchange has not been released. Despite strong opposition from the British government, the Prime Minister of Scotland on Tuesday reaffirmed his commitment to hold a new referendum on Scottish independence on October 19, 2023. He said he had asked the Supreme Court to determine whether the Scottish Parliament had the power to legislate. This referendum should be arranged without the consent of London.

In 2014 the Scots had already discussed the matter and 55% voted to stay within the UK, and based on this referendum, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson argues that such a referendum would not be possible. “Only once per generationBoris Johnson, who responded to the plan while attending a NATO summit in Madrid, promised to look into it.Be very careful“And answer”Appropriately“The Queen, who seldom emerges due to problems with circumnavigation, attended a parade of armed men in Edinburgh on Tuesday with a smile and applause.

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