“Against the Chinese navy, if we fight together we will win,” says Admiral Vandier

Admiral Pierre Vantier, Commander-in-Chief of the French Navy. Ludovic MARIN / POOL / AFP

The naval commander recently spoke to the National Assembly’s security committee, specifically about a potential conflict with China.

While China is involved Military maneuvers in Taiwan Fears of an invasion of Taiwan by Beijing are more superficial than ever, according to official Chinese media, with exercises aimed at seizing the island.

A few days ago, the Commander-in-Chief of the National Navy raised the possibility of a clash with China at sea. “Against the Chinese Navy, we will win if we fight together in allianceAdmiral Vandier said during the July 27 hearing, the transcript of which was published on August 11 by the Palas Bourbon website.

Already in 2020, BSEC was concerned behavior”Very robust, very successful in terms of regional waters“From China. And Before the National Assembly in 2021He warned about “Especially the reclamation of the sea to China».

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Before the National Security and Armed Forces Commission, the admiral this time warned against substantial strengthening of the Chinese navy. “Over the past two years I have explained everywhere that we are witnessing a naval restructuring drive unprecedented since World War II. By 2030, the tonnage of the Chinese Navy will be 2.5 times that of the US Navy.“, emphasized Admiral Pierre Vantier, whose comments were reported by the Observer Opex News Expertise in security issues.

Throughout his speech, Admiral Vantier made his comments The French theory of “Win the war before the war» It was composed by the current Chief of Army Staff, General Burghardt. Recalling the growth of the military power of countries like China, Admiral Vantier – like CEMA – appealed to increase the financial resources of the French armies, especially in the perspective of the next military programming law.

«Currently, the Chinese, in alliance with the Russians, are building a fleet of five icebreakers to give them the opportunity to move their forces from the Pacific to the Atlantic.“, and CEMN pointed out. “My Norwegian counterpart, whom I met in March, did not tell me about the Russian Northern Fleet at Murmansk, but about the imminent arrival of the Chinese fleet in the Atlantic Ocean. There is no need to go to the South China Sea and find Chinese military forces anytime soonAdmiral Vantier thus appealed The next military programming act Of course take into account the possibility of a global conflict with China.

An unexpected statement

It is very rare that a French soldier openly provokes such an opportunity. “This is a very unexpected statement that will not please the Chinese Embassy in France.“, commented on Twitter Antoine Pontas, a researcher and China expert at the Foundation for Strategic Studies. “But basically, the question asked is valid. America is not alone in maintaining the status quo in the Indo-Pacific region.“, assessed the analyst.

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The French Chief of Naval Staff called for a two-part effort for the future LPM. “Making training harder by doing more demanding and complex exercises“, just like exercise Polaris 21 For example, andCollaboration with our partners». «Systems must talk to each other and weapons must be compatible. We need to prepare the ability to fight together. Against the Chinese Navy, we will win if we fight together in alliance».

«Despite doing all that […] The French Navy will continue to shrink in size over the next two years. Since 1945, the Navy has never been smaller than it is today“, lamented the former commander of the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle.

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