Amnesty International says it has “undeniable evidence” of war crimes

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20h15, 06 May 2022

War crimes were committed Ukraine. Amnesty International says it has “irrefutable evidence.” The NGO’s report is currently being released, highlighting the abuses perpetrated by Russian soldiers on civilians. Like this retired couple in a small village northwest of Q. Russian soldiers enter their house and lock themselves in the basement. Later, one of the soldiers asks the old man for a cigarette. He does not have it. The soldier shoots his hand. “Finish him off,” his colleague replied. The soldier shoots his head.

Evidence like this, Amnesty has already collected 45. Europe 1 also collected evidence from Vladislav, a Resident of Bautza. He testified on the microphone of William Molini, the special envoy to Ukraine, a few weeks ago. “A grandfather was sitting on a bench in his backyard. He was making a fire to eat. He had no electricity or water,” he explained. “A guy in a black suit shot him. They were in black uniforms. Some said it was special services, others said it was Khadiro’s men. But they were all shooting at anything that moved mercilessly.”

“Violations of international law”

What methods do investigators do Did Amnesty International collect this “undeniable evidence”? They settled in eight cities, most notably by the Russians. For twelve days, they collected more than 40 testimonies from the victims’ relatives, their families, and neighbors. They took photos of cross-notes, crime scenes and examined ammunition pieces.

Jean-Claude Samuiller explains that the investigation is a documentary work necessary to shed light on these abuses. “Killing unarmed people is an abomination. These are war crimes and violations of international law,” said Amnesty International, France’s vice president.

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The evidence was handed over to the ICC

“That is, it is an endless war, a war without rules, a war of hostage-taking, a siege, a famine-stricken city, without water, without electricity, without heat, without a telephone network or the Internet.” According to him, there is no doubt: ” Through this siege war, we are taking civilians hostage. “

Jean-Claude Samoyler promises that this invaluable evidence of war crimes will be handed over to the International Criminal Court, which “can convict the perpetrators,” but not those who allowed it.

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