Annexes ‘have no place in the modern world’, says UN Secretary-General

Ukrainian forces have regained control over the entire northeastern city of Kubyansk, driving Russian troops from their positions on the eastern bank of the Oskil River, Agence France Presse reported this evening. They said an armored personnel carrier and a platoon of Ukrainian soldiers were in front of the district cultural center, and at least two tanks were moving through the area. Five corpses in military fatigues, soldiers from Moscow, lay next to wrecked vehicles with Russian insignia.

Much of this railroad crossing was retaken from the Russians in early September thanks to a Ukrainian counteroffensive in the Kharkiv region. But Moscow’s troops were still stationed across the river, engaged in artillery battles, and civilians tried to escape from the fighting and cross over to the Ukrainian side.

Ukrainian firefighters and volunteers brought the first batch of humanitarian aid into the city, crossing an intact pedestrian bridge connecting the two banks of the Askill River. “This will be the first delivery of humanitarian aid to the other side.”Andrii Kanashevich, the Kubiansk military administrator, said 2,000 British-supplied food parcels had been distributed.

In the industrial suburb of Kupyansk-Vouzloviï, on the east bank of Oskil, five kilometers to the south, people confirm that the Russians left on Tuesday.

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