Boris Johnson will resign as leader of the Conservative Party today, the BBC has announced

The British prime minister has been weakened by several defections within his government. He is expected to remain in Downing Street until next autumn.

Boris Johnson will resign as leader of the Conservative Party on July 7. According to information from BBCThe British prime minister, who spoke during the day, is expected to remain in office until next autumn. The Tories A new leader should be appointed. A leadership campaign will take place this summer and a new prime minister will be in place for the Conservative Party conference in October, the BBC explains.

The announcement comes amid successive resignations from Boris Johnson’s government. In total, at least 60 government departures have been announced since Tuesday, including five ministers, the fastest exit in British political history.

Dissatisfied for months

Throughout Wednesday, the resignations were a flurry, with the Conservative Party weary of repeated scandals since former Brexit hero Boris Johnson arrived in Downing Street in 2019. The weekly question session in the House was particularly stormy for Boris Johnson with fresh calls. for resigning in his own camp.

Dissatisfaction had been simmering for months, particularly fueled by the scandal of illegal parties in Downing Street during the anti-Covid lockdown, when Britons had to respect more stringent rules. On Wednesday evening, several ministers took to Downing Street to try to convince Boris Johnson, according to British media, that he should resign for his own good after three tumultuous years at the hands of the Conservative Party. And that of the country.

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A new wave of resignations this Thursday morning

On Thursday morning, Boris Johnson faced a new wave of resignations from two ministers. British Minister for Northern Ireland Brandon Lewis announced his decision on Twitter and in a letter to the Prime Minister. “A decent and responsible government is built on honesty, integrity and mutual respect – it is with deep personal regret that I have to leave government as I believe these values ​​can no longer be upheld.“, he assessed.

Britain’s new finance minister, Nadim Zahawi, who was appointed on Tuesday after the shock resignation of Rishi Sunak, this time without resigning, met Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday.From now on». «Prime Minister, you know best what is right, go now“, he wrote a letter on Twitter and addressed the Prime Minister.

Britain’s new education minister, Michelle Donnellan, also announced her resignation from the Johnson government, two days after she was appointed. “You have put us in an impossible situation“, he wrote in a letter to Boris Johnson.

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