Brits ‘don’t know what to do’ as electricity bills soar

Inadequate energy reserves in the United Kingdom are now putting British households under double pressure: firstly, there are fears of blackouts this winter… but there is also the question of prices. Regulator Ofgem announced an 80% increase in price caps in October. Forecasts trigger an annual bill of around 4000 euros from October for a family of two to three.

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It’s mainly to keep bills down, but for a few weeks James has been chasing a little energy savings: “We have very high bills, about £170 a month, and it’s still summer. We try to understand that it costs us so much: we turn on the stove, then look at the meter. But our fixed stakes return up to £120 a month.”

Prices have been rising for more than a year… Una, a single mother of two, doesn’t see well what else can be reduced, especially with this 80% increase announced on October 1: “I am very green: all my lights are low consumption and I turn everything off at night. But there will come a time when you can do nothing. When people say they have to choose between eating or heating the house, I totally get it. This is no longer a story of individual responsibility, of nothing to do anymore.”

The United Kingdom may experience power outages this winter, for example, and suppliers may offer discounts to customers who run their washing machines at night. Why not, Katerina believes … “I wouldn’t mind using the machines at off-peak hours if it were cheap, but I don’t think it should be: some people just can’t do it, politely.

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One of the solutions proposed by future prime minister Liz Truss: reducing consumers’ environmental contribution to 10% of bills to fund renewable energies… The BBC questioned Tessa Khan of the environmental think tank Uplift. : “The root cause of the problem is that we in the UK are too dependent on gas and oil. We need to make more use of renewable resources which are currently 9 times cheaper than gas! We can produce a lot more.

Renewables make up less than 15% of the British energy mix. Another medium-term solution put forward by NGOs: a generous home insulation scheme, one of Europe’s biggest energy sieves.

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