But where did Boris Johnson go?

Unaccustomed to provocations, Metro, a free daily distributed in the United Kingdom, Friday August 12: “A meeting attended by the Prime Minister”, he intervened under the headline “One”. Boris Johnson, who heads the British government pending an election for his successor on September 5, has been particularly prudent since his own party ousted him. But on Thursday, during a meeting with the bosses of the power producers, a reaction was organized UK energy bills are on the rise. However, the specifics are certain Metro : “The rally did not lead to immediate concrete action. (…) In other words, [Boris Johnson] Doing absolutely nothing. »

Since his ouster from the Conservative Party leadership in July, Mr Johnson’s dirty blonde image has virtually disappeared from radar screens. No significant announcements or major decisions were made. The person concerned puts it further: He is responsible for speeding up current affairs and in an intermediary role, he does not have to take key strategic orientations. “Major budget decisions should be left to the next prime minister” A press release from Downing Street announced on 7 August.

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Important personal matters

Would the British leader, who no longer had any political leverage, take an early vacation? A government spokesman replied in a pinched tone, slightly irritated: “Haven’t you read the report of the day [de jeudi] ? » Boris Johnson, apart from his meeting with electricity producers, was active that day: he phoned Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the president of the United Arab Emirates, and appointed a certain Pippa Lambert as senior leader. Government Servant Salary Supervision Organisation.

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Mr. Johnson is also busy with important personal matters. On July 30, she celebrated her marriage to Carrie Johnson, nee Symonds, 33, with whom she has lived for three years and has two children. The couple officially got married in the spring of 2021, but didn’t have time to party.

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The outgoing prime minister, 58, had originally planned to welcome his guests at the official country house, Chequers. But his project, which sparked teething in this new mix between private and professional life, Mr Johnson relied on the generosity of Lord Anthony Bamford, who donated to the Conservative Party. An area west of Oxford. A video that has garnered the most comments on social media shows the newlyweds dancing wildly to the sound Sweet Caroline By Neil Diamond.

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