Canada: Second suspect in deadly stabbing dies shortly after arrest

After the lifeless body of Damien Sanderson, one of two suspects in a string of stabbings that claimed the lives of ten people, was found, police tracked down Myles Sanderson, the alleged second suspect in the murder. After being arrested, the suspect died of self-inflicted injuries.

It took four days of intensive manhunting to find Miles Sanderson. A second suspect wanted by Canadian authorities after a wave of stabbings in Saskatchewan’s indigenous communities that killed 10 people on Sunday was arrested Wednesday (Sept. 7), but he suffered an unspecified medical emergency that led to his death.

Myles Sanderson, 30, died at an overnight news conference hours after Canadian police announced his official death in hospital, the fourth day of an intensive manhunt, about 100 kilometers southwest of the area where the attacks took place. .

Two days earlier, his brother, Damien Sanderson, was found dead with apparent injuries on his body.

Self-inflicted injuries

Global News reported, citing law enforcement sources Miles Sanderson surrendered to police who ran his vehicle off the road after a chase.. According to the news agency, the suspect died a short time later from unspecified injuries he allegedly inflicted.

A Saskatchewan police deputy commander told reporters that Miles Sanderson “suffered a medical crisis” shortly after his arrest and was taken to hospital after receiving emergency treatment. He was then declared dead.

Rhonda Blackmore declined to answer questions about the possible role of drugs or other substances in Miles Sanderson’s death, saying the cause of death would be determined by an autopsy.

He said a call from a witness who said he saw Miles Sanderson before he was arrested said the suspect had obvious injuries. Authorities are yet to ascertain the attackers’ motives.

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