Children, women and the elderly were all evacuated from Azovstal Steelworks

  • Le UN Brought unanimously, Friday, its “Strong support” To do “Search for a Peaceful Solution” In Ukraine – the first demonstration of unity since the beginning of the Russian invasion of that country.
  • The United States Announced new military assistance from $ 150 million To Ukraine, including artillery ammunition and radar, but warned that the arms fund for kyiv now exists. “Almost exhausted”.
  • Fifty civilians A new humanitarian convoy, thanks to the large steel works, was able to evacuate additional workers AzovstalThe last pocket of protest by Ukrainian forces in Mariupol was announced by Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vareshchuk and the Russian Defense Ministry.
  • With regard to Western sanctions, Hungary Diligently, on Friday, tough talks were underway this weekend between the twenty-seven member states of the European Union to find an agreement on blocking the European embargo on Russian oil imports.

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