Direct war in Ukraine: Moscow to supply nuclear-capable missiles to Belarus


Sweden’s NATO member: Stop talks

Following a telephone conversation with Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Anderson, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan realized that there had been no progress on Sweden’s willingness to join NATO.

“Sweden must take action on important issues such as the fight against terrorism,” he said, calling for “decisive action” in response to Turkish demands, according to a statement from the Turkish president. Three days before the start of the Atlantic Alliance summit in Madrid, the Swedish Prime Minister described the conversation as “good”.


Putin has announced that Moscow will send nuclear-capable missiles to Belarus in the next few months.

“In the coming months, we will switch to Belarus Iskander-M tactical missile systems, which can use ballistic or cruise missiles in their conventional and nuclear versions,” Vladimir Putin said at the beginning of his interview with Alexander. Broadcast by Russian television.

The Russian president and his Belarusian ally have also announced that they want to make the Belarusian Air Force capable of carrying nuclear weapons.


The city of Siverodonetsk was “completely occupied” by the Russian army.

The city of Donbass, the scene of fierce fighting between Ukrainian and Russian forces for several weeks, was “completely occupied by the Russians”, its mayor Oleksandre Strok announced on Ukrainian television late this afternoon.

The Ukrainian military announced on Thursday that it would withdraw from the city, home to about 100,000 people, before the war in order to better protect the neighboring city of Lisitshansk.


In Siverodonetsk, Russian forces control the Azote factory

Russian forces and their pro-Russian allies have “taken full control of the industrial zone of the Azote factory,” separatist spokesman Andrei Morocco told the Telegram. Another separatist spokesman, Ivan Filipponenko, said 800 civilians who had taken refuge in the factory during the conflict had been “expelled”.


Several Russian generals in Ukraine may have been withdrawn

The ministry also considers General Sergei Zurovich, who is already mobilized in the Russian military intervention in Syria and is suspected of violence and corruption, to “continue to play a key role in the Donbass attack.”


The factory near kyiv to reopen was destroyed

The Mondelez team cited the fact that a site manufactured by the Lux brand Crisps in Vaishorod, near the Ukrainian capital, would resume production after being severely affected by the strikes. Reuters. Another of the group’s factories, dedicated to making biscuits and located in the east of the country, in Trostianets, will be closed due to much damage.


Joe Biden ranks closest to Westerners in Europe

US President Joe Biden left for Europe today, first to attend the G7 summit in southern Germany, and then to the NATO summit in Madrid next week.

John Kirby, who coordinates White, commented on the G7, like Russia, that “from the outset, the president’s intention to revive our alliances and your alliance, you will clearly see how it helped us stay there.” Home involvement in strategic issues.


Assistance against inflation in Spain

The Spanish government is introducing a new direct assistance program of nine billion euros to mitigate the economic impact of the conflict in Ukraine on the Spanish population facing rising inflation.

The government has decided to reduce the price of fuel by 20 cents per liter, “direct assistance of 200 euros” for the self-employed and the unemployed, as well as further reduce VAT on electricity. Second within a year) 10% to 5%.


“Street fights” erupted in Lysychansk

According to pro-Russian separatist forces, troops will clash in the streets of Lisztzhansk in the neighboring city of Severdonetsk, from where the Ukrainian army has retreated in the face of more intense Russian bombing.


According to Kiev, Moscow is “weak”.


Moscow claims to have killed Polish fighters “up to 80”

Russia said on Saturday it had killed “up to 80” Polish militants in a bombing in eastern Ukraine, where fighting is raging between forces from Kyiv and Moscow.

The Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement that 80 Polish mercenaries, 20 armored fighter jets and eight Great Multiple rocket launchers were destroyed in the most accurate armed attack on the Megadex zinc plant in the Konstantinovka region. . This claim has not been independently verified.


Kyiv accused Moscow of trying to drag Minsk into a “war”

Following the footage sent from Belarus, according to the Ukrainian military, Kyiv accused the Russian regime of trying to “pull” Putin’s ally into the war. However, this is not the first time the territory has been used. Troops occupying Ukraine on February 24 used Belarus.

Vladimir Putin. Sputnik / Kremlin via REUTERS


Polish flag of conflict

Russian officials have removed the Polish flag from a memorial to thousands of poles massacred by the Soviets amid tensions between Moscow and Warsaw over Ukraine.

The Polish flag, which had previously floated above the Katin monument in the Smolensk region (western Russia), went missing, according to historians and visitors on social media on Friday.


Missiles fired from Belarus

According to the Ukrainian military, missiles hitting the Chernivtsi border were fired from Putin’s ally Belarus. This is not the first time Belarusian territory has been used by Russia. On February 24, Russian tanks used the country as a gateway to Ukraine.


Donations to purchase Turkish drones

According to The Kiev Independent, the collection of donations organized by Ukrainian citizens made possible the purchase of 4 Pyrrh DP2 drones, a model feared by the Russians that attempted to destroy the Ukrainian navy at the start of the conflict. In eliminating everything.


Cattle, victims of war

Loose cows, others will perish. Cattle were also among the victims of unforeseen casualties in the war in Ukraine. At the same place, many farmers are witnessing nights of testing trying to keep the cows in the shelter


Georgia: New demonstration after the postponement of the EU candidacy

Tens of thousands of people protested in the Georgian capital, Tbilisi, on Friday against government policy and the failure of the country to secure EU candidate status for EU membership.

Protesters waved Georgian and European flags and rallied around parliament chanting the European anthem. After Russia launched its offensive against neighboring Ukraine, Tbilisi applied for EU membership, along with Ukraine and Moldova.



The content of the call between Emmanuel Macron and Vladimir Putin has been revealed


Ukraine demands ‘fire equality’ with the Russians after the withdrawal of Chevroletonetsk

Ukraine urges allies to finally ‘fire equality’ with Russian forces to ‘stabilize’ the situation in Donbass After the withdrawal of his troops to the Siverodonets A strategic lock in the region was attacked by Russian artillery for several weeks.

“I emphasize the need to achieve equality with the enemy, which will allow to stabilize the situation in the most dangerous Lukansk region,” said Valery Zalushny, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on his Facebook page. In a telephone conversation with his US envoy, General Mark Millie.

On June 17, 2022, smoke billowed from Siverodonetsk, constantly bombed by Russian forces. AFP / ARIS MESSINIS



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