Discharges in St. Louis, Damaged School in La Saline

Submersible drainage sump pump maintained at high altitude. The episode should continue until at least the afternoon. Despite security instructions being issued from the start of the event, police condemn the presence of the public on the beach, including areas closed by municipal order. The province reiterates its call for awareness and responsibility. Those who do not respect the access restrictions established by the municipal order will be duly fined by the police.

Rescue at sea

The situation at sea is very dangerous. Relief work was not allowed to begin at this stage. It could not rescue people who went to sea despite obstacles.

Road access update

Access road to Pettit Isle and Grande Annes is closed.

At Terre Sainte, Rue Amiral Lacaze closed.

All restaurants on Saint-Pierre Beach are closed.

In Grand Bois, rue Daniel Ramin and Boulevard des Alizées are impassable.

National Highway 1A between Etong Sale and Saint-Liu is closed.

Temporary material balance

To salt : Lifeguard post abolished. Saline Elementary School was also damaged.

In St.-Philippe The fishermen’s house is in ruins. There are also malfunctions on the internet.

A Saint-BearHigh-risk areas were subjected to preventive electrocution.

St. Louis, Significant damage was seen in several homes. The task of evacuating the people is being carried out by the police. All accommodation centers in Saint-Pierre are operational.

Reminder of safety instructions

– Do not take closed roads to traffic. Drive carefully at sea and control your speed on flooded roads.

– Boaters and Marine Professionals: Do not go to sea and protect boats by sheltering or taking them out of the water.

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– Do not do water sports or swimming exercises including pool.

– Be especially vigilant, do not approach the edge of the water and beware of rollers. Do not take any opportunity to take pictures or videos of the waves.

– Watch children carefully and avoid games near water.

– If you live at sea, protect your property from rising water.

– If necessary, evacuate your homes and seek refuge locally.

– Be aware of www.meteofrance.re

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