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Nord Stream 1 and 2: Methane leaks revised downward

Leaks from the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines released about 70,000 tons of methane, French researchers on Wednesday estimated based on atmospheric observations. “These are significant figures, 2% of French emissions or the emissions of a city like Paris in a year, which is not good news, but not a climate bomb”noted Philip Sias, a researcher at the Commission on Nuclear and Alternative Energy’s (CEA) Climate and Environmental Sciences Laboratory.

These estimates are far lower than the first estimates prepared by experts or NGOs in the days following the September 26 gas pipeline explosion. Many have estimated them at around 300,000 tons. Natural gas methane.

CEA researchers carried out simulations based on readings from stations of the European monitoring network Icos, which monitors trends in atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases. Station gauges that monitor methane emissions are modeled on approximately 10,000 scenarios. Along with the wind, the smoke first rose towards southern Sweden, then turned westward past Norway and the United Kingdom, and in very weak amounts, was seen as far as the tip of Brittany.

“We’re a little surprised” With these results, Philip Sias was recognized during a video conference. “Did the tap run low on gas? Is the methane dissolved in some water, which seems unlikely? We have no explanation.”He agreed when pressed As the “tube” empties, the pressure decreases.This may have affected the amount of gas expelled. “Perhaps after a very large output at the beginning, the fluxes decreased until they fell below detectable levels relative to the natural signal.” Atmospheric, says Antoine Berchet, who led the modeling.

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Readings show a very strong peak in discharges on September 27th, which declined from the 28th, before a new, lower peak on the 1st.There is October. The researchers insisted that this first study should be done anyway “To be confirmed by other modellers”.

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