Emmanuel Macron warns of “serious” food crisis in many parts of the world

The head of state has proposed an emergency plan for food security in collaboration with the African Union to address the Russian and Ukrainian wheat and grain shortages for several countries.

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“We are entering an unprecedented food crisis.” French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday, March 24, during the G7 and NATO summits, proposed an emergency plan for food security in conjunction with the African Union. The project aims to address the food crisis “Very serious” This will affect Ukraine and Russia, the countries that depend on wheat and grain exports. The Fears “Massive political repercussions in many countries”.

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Emmanuel Macron wants “Emergency plan to issue shares in the event of a crisis to avoid situations such as shortages and moderate inflation”. Another part, “Obtain multilateral commitment not to impose restrictions on exports of agricultural raw materials”In order to avoid sanctions such as attacking vaccine exports during the Govt crisis.

He aspired too “This Summer, the Coordinating Action of the Producing Countries to Raise Production Limits as Temporarily As Possible” And “Establish a mechanism for allocating modules to ensure access to all, especially the most vulnerable, adequate and reasonably priced”.

The French president called on Moscow “Responsible” By allowing sowing in Ukraine, failure will provoke war in 12 to 18 months “The inevitable famine”There is a risk of grain shortages, especially in Egypt and North Africa. In neighboring and in the Middle East, Africa, some countries rely on grains produced in Russia and Ukraine to feed their people, such as Egypt. “80% dependent”he said.

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