“Epidemic curve is high in France, it looks like a new wave”, observes an epidemiologist

Is France on the brink of a new wave of corona virus? That is fear Antoine Flahault, an epidemiologist and director of the World Health Organization’s medical faculty at the University of Geneva, warned this Wednesday of an epidemic resurgence linked to the BA.4 and BA.5 subtypes from Portugal. “Epidemic curve fastest in France”, He warns while in Portugal. “Death was very high” In recent weeks and especially In those over 80 years of age.

Antoine Flahault demands awareness “What’s happening in Portugal will happen here a few weeks late” :

Can you talk about an epidemic recovery in France?

Yes. At this time in almost all Western European countries, we are seeing a very clear resurgence. Especially in France. The epidemic curve is so fast in France that it looks like a new wave, driven by these new BA.4 and BA.5 variants of Omicron. The wave will affect all parts of metropolitan France. When we talk about overseas territory, there is a special case of Martinique. It is the French region with the highest incidence today and has the highest mortality rate. This may be related to another Omicron sub variant. A North American subtype called BA2.12.1. Omigron is a large family …

Are we adequately protected by the vaccine in France today?

It all depends on what is called “we”, i.e. those with absolute rules are well protected from harsh forms. Unfortunately they are not protected from being coveted because it is no longer the same strain. But mortality with this BA.5 wave has been very high in Portugal in recent weeks.

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This subtype was not more violent than the others, but 93% of the observed deaths occurred in people over 80 years of age. Therefore, people over the age of 80 are at risk of death from this variation, including this summer. In nursing homes you have to be very careful, you have to be very careful with the elderly. We need to be extra vigilant in the coming weeks and months. The risk of dying from it is significant, as is the risk of being admitted to the hospital and having a complicated form.

Do you know the date of the epidemic or is it still high?

It’s very soon. The forecast we make in Geneva by Lausanne and Zurich’s Ecole polytechnique covers seven days. But I can say that South Africa completed this wave in eight weeks, which is the shortest of all their waves. Portugal is still six weeks away and has reached its peak. So Portugal runs the risk of holding it for nine or ten weeks. If we change the Portuguese situation to France, we will keep it for a good part of the summer. We can not predict, can not predict, but we can expect. What is happening in Portugal can be said to have happened a few weeks late here. We remember Lombardy in Italy and we did not want to believe it. I never thought all this would happen to us, then everything happened. So yes, we can expect, because the deaths we speak of are often preventable deaths. If tested early, prescribing effective antiviral treatments in the first days of infection can actually save lives. This has been proven in clinical trials and we should take advantage of these treatment advances in real life.

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We talked about a virus that resists heat. Is it finally?

Respiratory viruses, in general, are less contagious when outdoors. At least 95%, perhaps 99% of pollution takes place in closed, poorly ventilated environments, where there are many. In the summer, often it is the opposite, we are often outside. But during the heat wave, people tell us to close the windows and in nursing homes we try not to bring hot air from outside. Therefore, there is a risk of spreading this virus during the summer. As we have seen, Australia and New Zealand experienced a major wave in mid-summer. Portugal has been experiencing very mild weather since the beginning of May.

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