EU calls for ‘full implementation’ of deal to resume grain exports

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12h45 : The French Basketball Federation announces that Players from Russian and Belarusian clubs can no longer play for the French team “During the Conflict” In Ukraine, and international countries should not sign Russia. A clearance was announced while Thomas Huertel, the player chosen for the next Euros in September, is close to Zenit St-Petersburg.

12h28 : The European Union welcomes “The most important first stepAfter the first ship loaded with grain left Odessa this morning. Brussels awaits “We look forward to the implementation of the entire agreementIn Ukrainian exports.

11:55 am : Russia ruled on Monday “Very Positive” The first ship loaded with grain left Ukraine, within the framework of an agreement between Moscow and Kiev to allow exports to resume. “Let’s hope the agreements are used by all parties and the mechanisms work effectively.”Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov added.

11h18 : Emmanuel Macron will meet Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at 11:30 a.m., France Televisions learned from the Elysee Palace. Since then the two heads of state have not exchanged words June 16 French, Italian and German leaders visit Ukraine.

10h28 : Recovery of Ukrainian grain exports “A relief to the world, especially to our friends in the Middle East, Asia and Africa.”Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said. For his part, UN chief Antonio Guterres “Greetings with love” Departure Rose This morning, and “Hope (…) It will provide much-needed stability and support to global food security, particularly in the most fragile humanitarian contexts.”According to a UN report.

09:15 : It’s past 9 o’clock, time for a traditional update on the news:

• This The first ship loaded with Ukrainian grain to leave the country since the start of the war : The Rose Departed Odessa port this morning with cargo of corn. Kiev and Moscow signed an agreement on July 22 to resume grain exports.

• After adoption by the National Assembly, Amending Finance Bill It comes to the Senate today. Discussions, tariff shielding on energy, fuel rebate, audiovisual license fee and Super Profits TaxScheduled for two days only.

• On Sunday evening, a new fire burned 150 hectares of pine trees in Landes, Mano town. According to the provincial council, the fire “Not fixed but no longer progressing” And there was no loss of life. A 350 hectare fire has been contained in Gard.

A new episode of intense heat Starting this week. It will first hit the south of France before moving north on Tuesday and Wednesday, forecasting temperatures of up to 39 degrees Celsius, Meteo France said. Five sectors have been kept under heat wave orange watch.

08h53 : “We have 99,000 Ukrainians in France who benefit from asylum seekers’ allowances.”

Ukrainian refugees in France “are in a changing situation”The Director of the French Office for Immigration and Integration explained this morning on France Info.Those who return to Ukraine and continue to do so, albeit much less than before”. According to Didier Lechy, “Of the more than seven million people who left Ukraine, more than four million returned to Ukraine.” clarified that“About 20,000 people” Run by private individuals in France.

10h03 : Bonger @JeanYou’re not far off: Russia requested these studies To prevent Ukraine from using these boats to import weapons or ammunition. Turkey, which has participated in mediation between the two countries and controls the straits through which ships must pass, conducts these inspections.

08h48 : Hi, I don’t understand this contract. Why this inspection in Turkey on boats departing from Ukraine? Russians fear what will happen if Ukraine does not export grain? Weapons (they need them, they’re not going to export weapons) works of art, Ikea furniture?

08h44 : For those who want to continue his journey, I am including the site (in English) Makes it possible to track all types of ships around the world.

08h37 : The reasonable It was the first ship allowed to leave the port under an agreement signed between Kyiv and Moscow on July 22. It transports the corn to Lebanon, but under the terms of the contract it must first carry out inspections in Istanbul.

08h32 : According to the Turkish Ministry of Defense, the first shipment of Ukrainian grain left the port of Odessa.

07h26 : This is the long-awaited debut of: A shipment of Ukrainian grain prepares to leave the port of Odessa. After six months of conflict, Kyiv and Moscow signed an agreement on July 22 to allow exports to resume. the ship, “full of corn”Departs at 7:30 am. (French time) According to a statement from the Turkish Ministry of Defense, travel to Lebanon is required. Which, perhaps, will slightly reduce the inflation of food prices affecting the whole world.

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