Faced with scarcity, many products are changing their recipe

Released Friday, April 29, 2022 at 7:24 pm.

With the shortage of sunflower oil in Ukraine due to the war, manufacturers have decided to change the recipe for some products by substituting this oil for another. It was not mentioned on the packaging, the Fraud Prevention Service said.

Manufacturers of margarine, crisps and other sauces will be able to authorize the replacement of their packaging with sunflower oil on Tuesday, April 26th. Friday, April 29, There are several dozen food items Subject to this contempt. In the list of ingredients mentioned for recipe change on its website by the Directorate General of Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Prevention (DGCCRF), rapeseed oil, which replaces scarce sunflower oil, is the most common.

The government approved the manufacturers on April 26 and for a maximum of six months To modify the recipe of their consumer products Ukraine is a major global exporter, starting with sunflower oil, in case of “proven difficulties in the supply of raw materials”.

But how to find it? Consumers know some clues when shopping. Example: DGCCRF describes the zone where the expiration date for crashing is referred to as “DEROG”, while the nails are on their plate, sachet or case, “Rapsheed is a substitute for sunflower”. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the customers to access the DGCCRF website to know the nature of the change of products.

Other affected items soon

Crisps, fries, breaded ingredients, will be added to the butter list 70 products are already listed by DGCCRF. Exemptions from regulatory labeling obligations will only be granted if the DGCRCRF specifies that “minimum information conditions, which do not pose a risk to consumer protection, are respected in accordance with recipe changes”. According to Percy, Several hundred or thousands References may be subject to these exemption requests.

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