Food Mondial 2022 – Attack on alcohol, Qatar shames Paris ‘garbage city’

Originally approved, alcohol was banned around stadiums by FIFA. It created a new controversy around the world, especially in some Anglo-Saxon countries. On the Qatari side, we argued in Paris about the devastation caused by drink with very concrete examples.

Not a day goes by without fresh controversy in Qatar as the 2022 World Cup kicks off this Sunday. Recent concerns about alcohol being consumed in and around the tournament’s eight stadiums. Qatar, a Muslim country and therefore anti-alcohol, had been openly conciliatory since the competition was granted tolerance. A move to encourage supporters to come but it didn’t last. Indeed, this week, FIFA announced that alcohol was finally banned at the request of the host nation, although alcohol is tolerated in fan areas. A decision that was influenced by the tiny emirate’s higher ruling circles and never failed to cause controversy.

Alcohol destroys a city, Paris is an example

American brewer and World Cup sponsor Budweiser didn’t like the face. This is also the case with the public. Some are surprised to see FIFA capitulate to Qatar, while others are saddened by the decision against the party. This was particularly the case in Germany and England. But some easily answer that in Qatar, without alcohol, the party is crazy and above all pure. In a tweet that went viral on social media, Qatari influencer Hamad Lahdan wanted to show the state of a city after drunken supporters passed by.

« Europeans asking for alcohol in stadiums. Here’s the state of their streets after the game “, he wrote under the photos. Boxes, bottles litter the pavement. The images show a city marred by dirt and chaos. However, many have noticed that the city exemplified in the photos is always Paris. The light has sparked mockery from internet users against the city and France. Some have welcomed such a move.” Preventive and effective avoid any overflow in Qatar ».

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